Monday, August 3, 2009

What's the story?

Yeh Toh... was born one evening not long ago while driving somewhere in the bylanes of Bandra. The thought was to chronicle some of the funniest stories, incidents and gaffes that we've either been a part of or have heard about but are included because of their mirth inducing factor.

The Idea isn't a new one by any means. I'd been meaning to put down anecdotes about the gang for a while now. But the immediate problem of course was that there are so many of these stories. And the problem I've found with good anecdotes is that they lie gathering dust in some corner of our memories. Until that one drinking session where someone new meets up with the group and these stories start crawling out of the woodwork.

The Title - refers to an oft-heard filmi dialogue that the gang has now adopted as our own. You've probably seen some Hindi movies where one of the sidekicks is the sort, who always has a better (but not really) story than the one that has just been narrated to him. And he usually begins his one-upmanship with, "Arre yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai..."

The Crew - The usual suspects will be introduced in the next post.

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