Monday, August 3, 2009

Cast & Crew

The boys

Madman - My partner in crime for the most part till he got screwed engaged last night. Works in finance, loves his cigars and single malt. And that might make him sound like a pretentious prick, but he's really not :)

Miner - He came into our lives one evening... and fucker never left! His moniker reflects his profession. Long suffering from various stomach ailments, the Miner has set his health concerns aside and is now on a mission to visit every single doctor there is in our fine city. Why? Because he can...

C.E.O - The self professed CEO of his company (well to be fair, he is its Head but he seems to be in love with this other title), this particular gentleman handles incredibly HUGE portfolios by day and commits MAJOR verbal and other gaffes by night. A lot of the stories here will be about the CEO and he loves the fact!

Samson - Sam has conned a lot of people over the years into believing that he is one of those quiet bhola types but we know the truth - You ain't kidding anyone man... Loves (and hates) his movies with a passion that prompted him to get into the business. Don't ever rile the man about his (in)capacity to drink because many a foolish one has ended up regretting it.

Zac, aHart, Goose & Zeus - Another bunch of common friends and these dudes are also bandmates from the Ansh & Still Waters days.

Blackfayth - Your host and Sutradhar on this ride. His go-with-the-flow attitude is in equal parts likeable and annoying to anal types like the Madman. Since this is a team blog, its safe to say that the others will regale y'all with stories of me. Till then... main apne pairon par kulhadi kyun maroo?

The girls

Y-Girl - Her name might/not conjure up images of a superhero, but her handstands could just confirm it. The 'Y' is for the Yoga she teaches and she finally decided to make an honest woman of the Madman last night.

Dee - The Miner's friend who works in fashion and lifestyle.

Shutterbug - BF's friend who prefers shooting people to earn a livelihood.

The others


Chilli C

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