Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hema Aunty

Close to her office, Dee met an old friend's mum (OFM) who offered her a ride back home. Being in the business of fashion and lifestyle, Dee is asked by this OFM for her recommendation of a hairstylist located preferably in Bandra.

Dee: Oh there's this really good stylist who works at ____ and I would definitely go to her.
OFM: so she's good eh?!
Dee: Yeah absolutely... Atho she's got a kinda downmarket type name, Hemlata or something (giggle)... but aside from that, her work is really good.
OFM: My name is also Hemlata beta but you can call me Hema aunty!

Dee turns into THIS size with the sheer mortification of it all.

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